Russia: Locals recount moment of deadly plane crash near Moscow

Journalist: «Did you see bodies?» Tatyana Safronova: «No bodies. Only small parts... arms and legs.» Witnesses recounted the moment an An-148 airliner crashed near the village of Stepanovskoye in Moscow Region on Sunday, while emergency services worked at the crash site. «Small parts are shattered all over the field there. No survivors,» said Tatyana Safronova who lives near the crash site... Еще, adding that there were «No bodies. Only small parts. Arms and legs.» Another local, Ruben Khochetryan said he heard a loud explosion, explaining that the explosion sounded like the boiler house blew up. «I even made a phone call asking if the boiler house is intact. The house even made a small jump and trembled heavily.» He then rushed to the crash site where he found small parts of the airplane scattered all over the field. «There are small fragments [on the ground]. Nothing is left of the airplane. Here you have cut off trees, and small fragments like these. We haven't found bigger parts.» Ksenya Nazarova, a local correspondent for Dozhd, who lost a classmate in the crash, was in a state of agitation when journalists encountered her with a microphone in her hand. «My classmate Ulyana was aboard the plane that crashed in this town. She was an A student. Ulyanochka was an A student and she is on the list [of victims].» A Russian An-148 airliner crashed near the village of Stepanovskoye in the Moscow Region, leaving no survivors according to media reports. The plane was flying to the city of Orsk when it vanished from radar screens shortly after it took off from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, before reportedly crashing some 80 kilometres (50 miles) south-east of the capital.

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