Russia: Life sentence handed to serial killer ex-policeman in Novosibirsk

SOT, reporter (Russian): “You said you visit the grave.” SOT, Valentina Ruzanova, mother of killed 19-year-old girl (Russian): “The empty grave.” Fifty-two-year-old former policeman Eugeni Chuplinski was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing and dismembering 19 women in the Novosibirsk Regional Court on Tuesday. “I was in the dark for 14 years without knowing where my daughter is. I... Еще want to know how he [prisoner] can live with himself,” said the mother of one of the victims, Valentina Ruzanova. Prosecutor of the Division of Novosibirsk region Anjelika Igurova said that Chuplinski was caught 16 years after the last corpse was found, while searching his garage, thanks to a police dog. “[The dog] started to dig, making it clear that there is either blood or corpses. And when the special tool Hemophan was used, it found blood on the bricks, on the wood, from which the shelf was consisted, on the wall and two parts of rebar were found also. Experts said categorically that it’s human blood,” said Igurova. According to the investigation, Chuplinski started killing in 1998, and most of the victims were prostitutes. The last corpse was found in 2006. The investigation authorities questioned more than 200 witnesses, one of which gave them a solid lead on the killer.

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