Russia: Legendary footballer Roberto Carlos recalls playing for Brazil

SOT, Reporter (English): “Were you scared? Were you frightened? Did you find it intimidating playing with those guys? Or were you very excited?” SOT, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian footballer (Spanish): “Intimidated because they were players with so much history: Romario, Pele — it was a game in honor to Pele. So, I was very young and sat quietly, looking around and getting to see all these worlwide... Еще legends. That was my first big moment with the squad.” SOT, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian footballer (Spanish): “Lots of people compare the 1982 Spain World Cup team with the 2002 one. The joy, the samba, the atmosphere, the world’s top players, exactly. In 2002 we did the same things we did in 1998. One group, one family and we got to the final, we got to lift the trophy.” SOT, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian footballer (Spanish): “Yes. I have a picture hugging the trophy like this, an incredible picture taken in the dressing room, and i have put it up in a large frame. In Brayil. It was a dream which came true. Winning the Champions League, the Copa America, the Club World Cup; but being a World Cup champion for your country...It is an outstanding achievement for a footballer. Playing at a World Cup is great, but winning and lifting the golden trophy is just incredible. Legendary Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos spoke about Brazil’s World Cup history, his feeling of holding the World Cup trophy and revealed the secret behind his infamous free kick in the 1997 Tournoi de France. He was speaking in an interview on Monday in Moscow. Asked about the emotions the Brazilian team experienced after winning the World Cup in 2002, he said that it felt like “one group, one family and we got to the final, we got to lift the trophy.” Talking about his remarkable free kick, Carlos said “people sometimes ask me if I practiced that kick, but I have never done. I have always kicked over the wall, over the second play, but never outside of the wall... and I did that once,” he concluded.

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