Russia: Lavrov says EU bears responsibility for Ukraine crisis, calls sanctions 'unfair'

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the EU bears responsibility for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and called anti-Russia sanctions «unfair,» at a press conference held alongside his Portuguese counterpart Augusto Santos Silva in Moscow on Monday. Lavrov argued that «nothing that is happening in Ukraine could have happened if our European partners, who had witnessed an agreement between... Еще President Yanukovich and oppositionists on February 21, 2014, had upheld their role as guarantors of this agreement and not surrendered in the face of an unconstitutional, anti-state coup.» The Russian foreign minister noted that Moscow «won't hold any talks on the conditions of lifting the sanctions,» but appreciates that many countries in the EU «understand the perniciousness of this situation.» He went on to say that Moscow is ready to work with its partners to «move away from the policy of isolationism» and resume mutual cooperation through all channels «without any preconditions.» «I believe that we, the Russian Federation, demonstrate enough goodwill as far as our readiness is concerned to re-open without any preconditions all channels of dialogue, cooperation and mutually beneficial projects that were frozen after the spring of 2014,» said Lavrov.

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