Russia: Lavrov hopes nuclear 'hotheads have cooled'; slams US' Venezuela intervention threats

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Bolivian counterpart Fernando Huanacuni Mamani held a joint press conference after a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday, at which they discussed nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea, and the situation in Venezuela. During the press conference, Lavrov denounced plans for the «economic strangulation» of North Korea. «As for the impact on... Еще Pyongyang, in order to achieve the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions, we are deeply convinced that the possibilities of economic pressure have almost been exhausted,» Lavrov said. «We cannot support the ideas that some of our partners continue to carry on with, and which are aimed at the literal economic strangulation of North Korea with all the negative, tragic and humanitarian consequences for the citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which that would entail,» the foreign minister added. Regarding the recent nuclear threats made by the US and North Korea, Lavrov stated that “recently, we noted that the rhetoric has become a little calmer. Probably, it is necessary to welcome, at least, to hope, that the hotheads have cooled a little.” Commenting on the situation in Venezuela, Lavrov emphasised that he and his Bolivian counterpart «confirmed our position on the situation in Venezuela. They [our positions] are united by the need to quickly overcome the existing disagreements in the country exclusively via peaceful means, through a nationwide dialogue, without external pressure, not to mention the inadmissability of military threats to Venezuela's internal affairs.»


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