Russia: Lavrov calls on US and North Korea to deescalate with «double freeze»

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticised the escalating rhetoric from both sides in the US-North Korea dispute during a Q&A session at 'the Territory of Meanings' All-Russian Youth Educational Forum in the village of Dvoriki near Moscow, Friday. Lavrov said that «Unfortunately, rhetoric in Washington and Pyongyang is beginning to go off the scale. We still hope, we expect that common... Еще sense will prevail.» «There are direct threats to use force,» he said. «Yes, this will involve a huge number of human casualties, and yet the conversation is that it is necessary to strike a preventive blow against North Korea, talk from Pyongyang is that it is necessary to strike the island of Guam, the American military base, they are not stopping.» He added that Russia and China among other countries had offered «a very sensible plan that involves a double freeze. Kim Jong-un freezes any nuclear tests and any missile launches, ballistic missiles I mean. And the United States and South Korea freeze large-scale military exercises.»
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