Russia: Launching strike on N. Korea possible, but outcome would be uncertain — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his thoughts about a possible solution for the North Korean crisis at the Russian Energy Week in Moscow, Wednesday. He said that only constructive dialogue can solve the crisis. «Rhetoric from all sides must become calmer, there must be found ways for direct dialogue between the US and North Korea,» he said. Giving further comments he also stated: «This... Еще aggressive rhetoric is dangerous. Let's be straight here: Is it possible to conduct a global disarming strike? It's possible. Will it reach the target? It's unknown. Because no one knows exactly what they have and where they have it. No one is 100 percent sure, this is a closed country. So, that's the answer.» The Russian president also said that he had talked about that situation with Trump, and went on to state that a possible solution to the problem had already been proposed. «There's the Russian-Chinese initiative, the roadmap, if someone doesn't like that it was proposed by Russia and China, than ok, let's forget about who exactly proposed it, let's call it differently ,but do basically the same — stop igniting tensions from both sides.»


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