Russia: Larijani slams Israel's 'militaristic behaviour' in Syria

Speaker of the Parliament of Iran Ali Larijani condemned Israel's «militaristic behaviour» in Syria, speaking in Moscow on Monday as he took part in the conference titled «MPs against Drugs.» «Israel's behaviour in Syria, which is militaristic, is of course, condemned. And unfortunately, this country and some other countries pursue an adventure policy in this region,» Larijani said. He then... Еще commented on Iran's and Russia's cooperation in Syria, saying, «Many countries talk about the fight against terrorism, but Iran and Russia in fact have shown that they are fighting terrorism.» With regards to the latest developments on the Yemeni front, Larijani said that «from the very beginning we said that we should use political methods to resolve this issue.» «But unfortunately, some countries think that by military actions they can succeed,» he concluded.

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