Russia: Large-scale search operation underway for missing girl in Sochi

More than 400 people were deployed in the search operation for a little girl along river banks in the Hostinsky district of Sochi on Friday, after she was carried away by a the river's flow the day before. The accident occurred when the girl, along with her mother, brother and uncle, tried to cross the river by entering in it, reportedly avoiding a nearby bridge, which led to them being washed... Еще downstream. «It started raining. We had waited for 10-15 minutes, but it didn't stop. We decided to go back. We weren’t going to cross the river. There’s a path to the bridge on the left side. We had to walk along the river for about 50 metres,» said the girl’s uncle. The girl's mother and uncle survived, while her brother was found dead, lying in a pool of mud along the riverbank. Recently, heavy rains have hit Sochi, claiming the lives of other two children.

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