Russia: Kim Jong-un will «tame the mentally-deranged US dotard with fire» — NK diplomat

North Korea’s main goal is to achieve “power balance” with the US so that there will be no more talk of military actions against the DPRK, stated chief of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s North American Department Choe Son Hui, at the non-proliferation conference in Moscow, Friday. «Our ultimate goal is to achieve a power balance with the United States so that the United States will not dare... Еще to talk about any military actions against the DPRK,» she said. The Korean diplomat went on to say that the DPRK is «under the constant nuclear threat by the United States» mentioning «unprecedented military exercises involving aircraft carriers in addition to the flying exercises by the nuclear strategic bombers into the Korean Peninsula», which she said took place last week. Commenting on the North Korean position, Son Hui reported that Kim Jong-un had clarified the DPRK’s position. «He will surely and definitely tame the mentally-deranged US dotard with fire and make him pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the DPRK», she said. The Korean diplomat called the DPRK’s nuclear arsenal the «noble result of the bloody struggle of our people to protect the destiny and sovereignty of the motherland from the prolonged nuclear threat by the United States». She concluded with a warning that the US must take the North Korean position «seriously» and to «abandon hostile policy on DPRK.» The 2017 Moscow Non-Proliferation Conference is taking place from October 19-21. The event was organised by the Centre for Energy and Security Studies (CENESS) in partnership with the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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