Russia: Kim Jong-un ‘will force them to pay with help of nuclear force’ N. Korean diplomat on US rhetoric

“If the United States commits frenzied actions denying the rights of our people to exist, our republic, as the supreme leader, Comrade Kim Jong-un, has said, will force them to pay with the help of nuclear force,” North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Hyun Joong said at the For the Peace and Unification of Korean Peninsula conference in Moscow, Saturday. Kim Hyun Joon stated that the situation... Еще on the Korean peninsula does not “follow the path of peace,” but is “rushing to war and confrontation.” He blamed “the US and its successors” for all the problems the Korean peninsula faces since they “denied the ideas and political system of the DPRK and continue their hostile policy of isolating the DPRK.” During the 72nd UNGA US President Trump said that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un was a «rocket Man” on a “suicide mission,» warning Pyongyang that the US will «totally destroy” North Korea if «forced to defend itself or its allies.»


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