Russia: Kemerovo locals accuse authorities of hiding true death toll of deadly blaze

Kemerovo locals accused authorities of hiding the true death toll of the 'Zimniaya Vishnya' (Winter Cherry) shopping mall blaze, during a massive protest on Tuesday. Igor Vostrikov, who lost three children, his wife and his sister, said, «In my opinion they went inside, saw the piles of bodies and let them burn.» «If the number of victims is more than 150 all the administration should be... Еще dismissed. This means there is a motive to conceal [the real number of victims],» he said. «Regarding the situation in the morgue. We saw the burnt bodies, at that time there were around 30 bodies, five of them were mine. So it is easy to calculate. But we have some information that there were 350 bodies, the region is small [so is it easy to find out],» he added. Another protester, Alyona Lenina, said people are exchanging information on social networks which confirm this claim. «The people add each other [into public groups and chats] in social networks, videos and screenshots of messages appear with the evidences that the number of victims is more than 64, it is 350, and later even increased to 450.» According to official information released by the EMERCOM, 64 people died in the blaze.

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