Russia: Kalibr cruise missile ships to patrol Med permanently — Putin

«With the continuing threat of attacks by international terrorists in Syria, our ships with Kalibr cruise missiles will carry out a permanent patrol in the Mediterranean Sea,» Russian President Vladimir Putting said in Sochi on Wednesday during a meeting dedicated to the development of Russia’s Armed Forces. «The high combat readiness and effectiveness of the naval forces is the most important... Еще factor of the country's military and economic security,» he said, adding that it is important to fly the Russian flag in key areas of the world’s oceans. One hundred and two ship and submarine exercises and missions are expected to be carried out this year. «It is necessary to strengthen the naval component of the Strategic Nuclear Forces. This will increase the role of the fleet in providing a nuclear deterrence,» Putin added. The Russian president concluded the meeting by saying «we will continue to equip the Navy as part of the state program of armament with the newest systems of weapons, communications, reconnaissance and target designation.»

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