Russia: Kalashnikov unveils REX-1 anti-drone gun at «Army 2017» expo

The Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov demonstrated its REX-1 anti-drone gun at the International Military-Technical Forum «Army 2017» expo, at Patriot Park, in Moscow, Wednesday. Rex-1 is a non-lethal device that works by severing the connection between a quadcopter and its controller, as well as jamming satellite positioning systems, GSM and Wi-Fi signals. ZALA AERO special project... Еще manager, Nikita Khamitov, explained that the device «suppresses control signals up to a distance of one kilometre.» He went on to note that «if the quadcopter's autopilot has an auto return home function when it loses signal from the controller, we suppress GPS [signal] — GPS, [Global Navigation Satellite System] GLONASS, Baidu and Galileo. In this case, the copter hovers in position and lands automatically». Rex-1's ability to suppress mobile network signals presumes that the device could be used to secure remotely-detonated explosives. The company also envisages that REX-1 could be used by the public to protect privacy.
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