Russia: Kadyrov attends brand new military buggy showcase in Grozny

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov attended a demonstration of a new military buggy Chaborz M-6 in Grozny on Sunday. The vehicle was designed for Russian special troops (Spetsnaz). The Chaborz M-6 is a multi-purpose car, which can be used as a passenger, cargo, military or medical vehicle depending on the equipment on board. «Within one minute we can fold up the rear seats and put a... Еще stretcher for an injured [person], or cargo on this place,» said Daniil Martynov, first deputy head of the Russian National Guards Service in the Chechen Republic. The military version is equipped with two large-calibre machine-guns and an automatic grenade launcher. There is also an option to install a drone launching pad on the buggy. According to Martynov the buggy's «top speed on the road is 160 kilometres per hour.» The predecessor was the Chaborz M-3 which was released a year ago. The vehicle went into the service of the Russian National Guards and the Ministry of Defence and has already been successfully tested in combat situations in Syria.

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