Russia: Jubilation as 12 Russian and Kazakh citizens rescued from Iraq war arrive in Grozny

Twelve citizens from Russia and Kazakhstan arrived in Grozny airport, on Friday, after they were rescued in conflict areas in Iraq, they were greeted by over a hundred relatives and friends. On board the plane was a resident of Chechnya with three sons, a woman from Tver with her son, a resident of Tyumen with her son and a citizen of Kazakhstan with three children. Middle East and North Africa... Еще representative of head of the Chechen Republic Sabsabi Ziyad stated, «We fulfilled our task upon the assignment of the Russian authorities, I believe we fulfilled it with dignity.» The citizens were welcomed by representatives of the administration and head of the government of Chechnya, as well as Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation who stated, «The return today marks the beginning of a great work, that should be carried out jointly with all departments and, of course, taking into account the basic experience that the Chechen Republic has.» She also stated that a single database of Russian children who are taken to hot spots in the Middle East by parents who decided to join the militants will be created in Russia.
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