Russia: Jubilant hockey fans 'at a loss of words' after Russia wins gold

Russian sports fans were overwhelmed with joy after the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) men's ice hockey team won its first Olympic gold medal in hockey since 1992. Hockey fans shared their excitement after watching a live stream from Pyeongchang, in one of Vladivostok's bars on Sunday. «The team pulled itself together. I think they are fighting and they know for what they are fighting for... Еще because everything that our country is going through from the global community is beyond reason,» said a fan while the game was still underway. Following Russia's victory, one of the fans said that he was «at a loss of words» because «since 1998, we had not managed to win or even make it into finals or semi-finals.» Another Russian fan called the match «very tense,» adding that he and his friends had run out of «all the validol pills» by the end of the match. On Sunday morning, the OAR men's hockey team won the gold medal after beating Germany 4-3 in overtime.

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