Russia: Journalist Anna Kurbatova returns to Moscow after Ukraine expulsion

The Russian Channel 1 journalist Anna Kurbatova, who was expelled from Ukraine recently, safely returned to Moscow on Thursday. Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine [SSU] detained Kurbatova near her house in the centre of Kiev on August 30. Kurbatova’s coverage of Ukraine’s Independence Day, same as that of expelled Spanish journalists Antonio Pampliega and Angel Sastre, is believed... Еще to have followed her appearing as an «enemy of the state» on the country’s «Mirotvorets» [Peacemaker] government website. The website accused her of «anti-Ukrainian propaganda» and «manipulating socially-important information.» Many Russian television channels have been banned from broadcasting in Ukraine since 2014, including RT, Russia 1, NTV and Zvezda. Kurbatova was included in the database of the site «Peacemaker» on August 26, accusing her of anti-Ukrainian propaganda, as well as manipulation of socially significant information and biased reporting of events. At the same time, it is erroneously stated in the database that she is a correspondent of the TV channel «Russia 1».
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