Russia: Japanese Navy vessels dock in Vladivostok on visit

Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force ships docked at the main Russian Pacific Fleet naval base in Vladivostok, Saturday. Two Japanese vessels, the Harusame destroyer and Kashima training ship, arrived on a visit. Delivering a welcoming speech, Rear Admiral Koji Manabe stated that the Japanese naval vessels were to visit eight countries and 13 ports, including several in North and South America... Еще. During their five-day visit, the Japanese crews will join Russian Pacific Fleet sailors in a number of cultural and sporting events. A series of joint meetings will also be held. Koji Manabe expressed his hope that this could «enhance the mutual understanding» of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force and the Russian Pacific Fleet as well as of Russia and Japan in general. The last time vessels of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force docked in Vladivostok was 2014.

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