Russia: 'It's just disrespect' — Presidential hopeful Ksenia Sobchak brought to tears during debate

SOT, Vladimir Solovyov, Debate Host (Russian): “I think it's terrible, but that's the law. I believe this is a disgrace.” SOT, Ksenia Sobchak, Presidential Candidate (Russian): “I suppose it's just disrespect.” *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Russian Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak burst into tears during a presidential debate on Wednesday, and quickly left the stage when the debate was... Еще over. Amidst the simultaneous cries of several candidates, Sobchak pleaded to the moderator, Vladimir Solovyov, that another presidential candidate, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, was constantly insulting her and not allowing her to say a word. Zhirnovsky taunted her while she was crying, telling her to «cry, Ksenia, your mother will come running.» Solovyov, when asked if he thought this was «normal» by Sobchak, responded «No, I think it's terrible, but that's the law.» Grigory Yavlinksy, another candidate, described the behaviour as nothing more than bullying and «rottenness,» and that it was «intolerable.» The debate was held on Russia's Rossiya 1 channel.

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