Russia: 'It's hard to breathe!' — Muscovites concerned about 'weird smell'

SOT, Igor Kazakov, Muscovite (Russian): «We have to use deodorant or something like that to kill that smell.» SOT, Kenya Tikhonov, Muscovite (Russian): «It is also difficult to go down the stairs. I went today and had to hold my breathe.» SOT, Igor Kazakov, Muscovite (Russian): «It has been going on for about two or three days already.» SOT, Eugeni, Muscovite (Russian): «It was clear by the... Еще smell.» People on the streets of Moscow expressed concern over a 'weird smell' hanging over certain areas of the city on Friday. Olga, a local, described the odour as a «strong smell of something strange», while other Muscovites added that «there is a hydrogen-sulphide odour here right now and it is spreading over the central Moscow.» Residents Kenya Tikhonov and Igor Kazakov also agreed that the smell appeared to be hydrogen-sulphide, saying that at first they confused it with the smell of sewage. People added that the odour has been present for over two days and it can even be smelt inside their homes. Specialists are reportedly collecting the air samples to study them for the presence of any hazardous substances.

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