Russia: ‘It can be a big match’ — Mourinho on Russia vs Uruguay clash

*BUGS AT SOURCE**MUSIC AT SOURCE**MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho addressed the upcoming Russia — Uruguay match at Samara stadium on Monday. Describing the teams, Mourinho said that the match is going to be «an ultra-competitive match.» “The home team has also behind a huge, huge support of a their own country,” said Mourinho. However, “Uruguay they have... Еще the know-how, they know how to compete, how to be clever, how to try to influence the game with the emotional side of it,” he continued. The Portuguese coach is appearing as RT's special guest host during the World Cup. The World Cup 2018 will be held in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15, with a total of 32 teams competing for the trophy.

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