Russia: IS and other terror groups 'plan to go global' — FSB head Bortnikov

The 16th meeting of Heads of special services, security agencies, and law-enforcement organizations took place in Krasnodar, on Wednesday. The Head of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Aleksander Bortnikov, spoke at the event, stating that “masterminds of international terrorism failed to build a caliphate in Syria and Iraq and now they plan to go global.» Bortnikov went on to say that... Еще one of the most dangerous trends is local terrorism. ISIS fighters don’t go to Syria or Iraq anymore, he stated. Instead, they carry out attacks in their home towns, he added. According to Bortnikov, “there is a new ISIS foothold is Afghanistan. This is a new point of departure for attacks in Central Asia, Iran, China, India, and Russia. Other global terrorism footholds are being created in Yemen, Central Africa, and South-East Asia.»

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