Russia: IOC supplier demands logo removal from Winter Olympics

Bosco di Ciliegi, official supplier of clothing to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), insisted that the organisation does not use its logo at the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, revealed the head of the Bosco board Mikhail Kusnirovich in Moscow on Thursday. «We hope that it [the Bosco brand] associates with positive emotions and the Olympic movement. That is why I would not... Еще like that we are associated with negative emotions. That is why I made such an important decision — to strongly recommend IOC not to use our branding,» said Kusnirovich. «I think that if everything is annulled and if, in fact, our team goes under the Russian flag at the closing ceremony of the winter Olympic games in Korea and everything can start from scratch, if we comply with all those norms which the IOC ruled, I think that this page will be closed and we can turn a new one,» he said. Bosco's decision comes as IOC ruled to bar Russia's Olympic team from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics, allowing only 'clean' athletes to compete. Bosco gained exclusive rights to supply the IOC with clothing in 2016, taking over from US brand Nike, which was to the IOC’s supplier from 2013.

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