Russia: IOC Russia ban due to US looking to regain sports supremacy — Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) decision to ban Russian athletes from the 2018 Winter Olympics was aimed at returning the US its supremacy in sports, in an interview in Moscow on Monday. According to Lavrov, the IOC ban was «part of the unfair competition, because the Americans appear to no longer be able to beat us in an honest game... Еще. They believe that in order for them to regain and retain an unconditional title of the world leader in sports, they need to quietly move their rivals aside. Now the anti-Russian campaign, interference in elections and et cetera turned out to be at hand.» The Russian diplomat also argued that Washington uses the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula to «justify the build-up of their military presence [in the region]. He went on to say that «these are very risky games» and that «under the pretext of the North Korean nuclear problem, the US missile defence facilities are being deployed on the territory of the Republic of Korea, and now also Japan.» Commenting on the US missile defence system, Lavrov said that it «accidentally or not, surrounds the Russian Federation along the entire perimeter, and at the same time it is now targeting the People's Republic of China.»


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