Russia: Internet «more important than oil» — Alibaba CEO at Moscow Open Innovations Forum

Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma and Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev participated in a plenary session on digital economy at the 2017 Moscow International Forum 'Open Innovations', in the Russian capital, Tuesday. According to Ma, «in the next 30 years, [the] internet is going to be as important as electricity. [The] internet is more important than oil. So I think [the] internet, the digital... Еще technology, which you call the data technology, is going to be the solution to [solve] the problem of inclusiveness.» The Alibaba Group head went on to say that «in the future, there will be no e-commerce; [it will be] called e-business,» adding that «there will be no 'made in China', no 'made in America', there will be no 'made in Russia.' It [will be] made in the internet.» Ma reassured the audience that the technological revolution would not «take away men's jobs» but «create more jobs.» «The first technological revolution killed a lot of jobs [and] created even more jobs. The second technological revolution killed a lot of jobs and created more jobs. We are going to create more jobs. This is for sure,» said the Alibaba CEO.


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