Russia: International Security conference kicks off in Moscow

Secretary of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev opened the Moscow Conference on International Security in the Russian capital on Wednesday, reading out the greeting words from Russian President Vladimir Putin. «It is necessary to think together about new forms of multilateral cooperation that would allow us to consolidate the gains made in the fight against terrorism and to prevent the... Еще further spread of this threat,» Patrushev said, reading out Putin’s greeting. In his keynote address, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu discussed the improved situation in Syria, crediting the changing of the tide in the civil war to the «Russian Aerospace Forces' operation and creation of the anti-terrorist alliance with participation of Iran, Russia and Turkey.» «A major part of the territory of Syria was liberated and with others we conduct negotiations to put down weapons. The idea of the pseudo-caliphate creation was destroyed,» Shoigu added. Shoigu went on to say that the Syrian experience demonstrated the «fact that chemical agents are often used by terrorists for provocative purposes in order to wreak havoc among the civilians» and «shade false perception of the conflict.» Touching the issue of Russia-NATO relations, Shoigu stated that «American anti-ballistic missile system is a serious destabilising factor and a stimulus for arms race.»

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