Russia: Information from Kiev should be verified after Babchenko's 'murder' — Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Artyom Kozhin discussed North Korea, the Skripal case and Ukraine's treatment of Russian journalists, both «dead» and alive, during a weekly briefing in Moscow on Friday. The spokesperson said the world should not await a breakthrough with North Korea despite the recent progress in the US-DPRK relations, since building trust and understanding takes a lot of... Еще time. Kozhin stated it was «encouraging» to hear Julia Skripal express her wish to one day return to Russia in a video published last week, but again repeated Moscow's position that the footage still raised a question whether she was able to express herself freely. Commenting on the situation related to the detention of RIA Novosti journalist Kirill Vyshinsky in Ukraine, Kozhin called it «scandalous» and stated that «the Russian side always helps its citizens. We don't leave our people behind.» Asked about the staged murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Kiev this week, the spokesperson said that following the incident any information coming from Ukraine «should be checked many times as it may be fake.»

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