Russia: 'If a religious war breaks out' Israel will lose — Palestinian ambassador to Russia

W/S Panel with Palestinian ambassador to Russia M/S AudienceSOT, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, State of Palestine Ambassador to Russia (Arabic): «[Israel] is provoking the feelings of Muslims and is challenging al-Aqsa. Why do groups of settlers walk in the al-Aqsa mosque or its surroundings every day? It goes against all existing agreements."M/S Audience asks questionsSOT, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, State of... Еще Palestine Ambassador to Russia (Arabic): «Sometimes even disrespectful actions take place, for example, a totally naked woman, an Israeli woman completely naked, maybe some of you saw her. She walked into the al-Aqsa mosque and walks around the whole mosque for over an hour. Why didn't the Israeli security do something to stop her? If they wanted to be considerate to Muslim's feelings."M/S Audience asks questionsSOT, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, State of Palestine Ambassador to Russia (Arabic): «[If the situation stays as it is], I am sure that it would open the way to hell. And I am sure it will show no mercy and be unproductive for us, specifically for Israel. Because, if a religious war breaks out, Israel is certainly going to lose it, just to be clear."M/S Audience asks questionsSOT, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, State of Palestine Ambassador to Russia (Arabic): «No room for bargaining, conversations, no room for negotiations and no room for reconcilement. Therefore I hope that the Israeli government will show sufficient rationality to look deeper into it.» W/S Audience W/S Panel SCRIPTThe Palestinian ambassador to Russia, Abdel Hafiz Nofal, held a press conference on Wednesday, in Moscow in which he warned Israel of the consequences should they continue «provoking the feelings of Muslims."Speaking about the recent clashes outside the al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, Nofal stressed that Israel was on the «way to hell,» adding that if the current situation remained, «a religious war» could break out» one which Israel would 'certainly lose,' stated Nofal. The ambassador later added that he hopes the Israeli government «show sufficient rationality» in finding a solution to the problem.Violence has erupted in contentious East Jerusalem, after Israel implemented metal detectors and security cameras in the al-Aqsa compound, as part of new security measures, following the shooting of two Israeli police officers at the site earlier this month.
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