Russia: ‘I was 200% sure he’d save at least 1 penalty’ — Akinfeev’s former coach

SOT, Vyacheslav Chanov, Russian national football team captain Igor Akinfeev's former coach (Russian):"For the fans it is ok [to say so]. I suppose professionals such as Igor remember all of the mistakes anyway. We are in touch with him. Before each game of this World Cup I am to write something to them, otherwise Gabulov [Vladimir Gabulov, Russian national football team goalkeeper] and Akinfeev... Еще worry I believe. In case I do not write anything they call me back and ask, 'Teacher, where are you?' I am really pleased of my students being football stars on the one hand and on the other hand being men of great service. You know how many people they helped. I am glad they are not just goalkeepers but great people.» Former coach of Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev said he was sure Akinfeev would do well in the World Cup penalty shootout win against Spain, speaking in an interview with RT in the town of Checkhov in Moscow Region on Friday. «There was a close-up on TV and I saw how his eyes changed after the second conceded penalty shot. He started analysing the shots and I understood that everything would be great,» Akinfeev's former coach Vyacheslav Chanov said. Talking about the Russian squad, Chanov praised head coach Stanislav Cherchesov for making sure the players are in good physical condition. «Our players are really fit which is one of the most important things particularly at the World Cup,» he said. Russia beat Spain on penalties on July 1 to book their ticket to the World Cup quarterfinal against Croatia. The match will take place is Sochi on July 7.

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