Russia: 'I wanted to go back for my children but didn't manage to' — Kemerovo blaze survivor

Journalist (Russian): «Can you tell us whether anyone else survived in that hall where you were?» Mikhail Trusov, Survivor of Kemerovo mall blaze (Russian): «No, I do not think so. Only if someone who immediately got out through the first exit, they could escape. But it is unlikely because of the gas. I did not see anyone using the emergency exit. I went out of there alone at the very end when I... Еще realised that there was nothing left to wait for, otherwise we could have all blacked out.» Thirty-two-year old Mikhail Trusov, who reportedly lost both of his daughters in the Kemerovo mall blaze, recounted his attempts to flee, when speaking from his hospital bed in Kemerovo on Wednesday. Trusov said, «When we reached the doors, it turned out that gas had already filled [the room] and a fire had broken out. I personally did not see the fire, but smoke was coming from there. It was very hot. We decided to wait for help and remain inside. It was horrible. All the people were sitting and waiting for help. I think we held out for 15 minutes. Then, people started to lose consciousness.» Trusov said that after he decided to use an emergency exit to get help, which according to him had been previously locked, he lost consciousness almost immediately because «the air was unfit for breathing.» He went on to say that he wanted to return to the cinema hall for his children, but «didn't manage to do it.» The fire survivor recounted, «I stayed lying there on the floor. Thank God, someone picked me up. I don’t know how. Maybe a phone fell on the floor with the flashlight on, and someone saw me.» «It is a miracle that someone carried me out», he added. At least 64 people, including many children, were killed in a fire which engulfed the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo on Sunday. The source of the blaze was on the top floor, where several cinema halls and children's playgrounds with attractions were located. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the fire escape routes were blocked inside the mall. An investigation into the cause behind the tragedy is underway.

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