Russia: 'I thought it was joke' — Kurlaev on Riga ban upon landing in Moscow

Russian journalist Anatoly Kurlaev, who was arrested in Riga by the Latvian police, arrived in Moscow on Tuesday. «It turned out that I had a lifetime ban on entry to Riga, which had been valid from 2015. I didn't know that,» he said to the press. According to Kurlaev, the reasons of such decision were not specified by the Latvian authorities. «As for the time, 2015, it coincides with the... Еще release of my film about the Baltic States on the 'TV Centre' channel, where I was the producer,» the Russian Journalist said. He added, «However, that movie didn't contain anything that could be the reason for classifying me as a terrorist.» «I laughed until the very end, because I thought it was some sort of a joke. But no, it turned out that it wasn't a joke,» Kurlaev said. Kurlaev had explained that he was arrested in the shopping centre and taken to police offices «without any explanation» where he was told that he had been barred.

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