Russia: 'I do not feel guilty at all' — Kemerovo mall manager

SOT, Journalist (Russian): «You do not feel guilty, don't you?» SOT, Nadezhda Suddenok, Shopping mall manager (Russian): «I do not feel guilty at all.»*JUMP CUT AT SOURCE* SOT, Nadezhda Suddenok, Shopping mall manager (Russian): «There was no malfunction on those checks that I attended personally. There was no malfunction. The last check was when the city had anonymous calls to the cinemas... Еще that they allegedly contained bombs. They called us, too. And when the emergency services arrived, firefighters, police, we had evacuated the cinemas, the employees of the services were checking everything for a long time. No malfunctions were found.» SOT, Journalist (Russian): «Now the whole country, including the heads of other shopping centres, will see you. Do you understand that you could be the one guilty in this case, because you will be blamed on signing all the documents? Do you now understand this?»*JUMP CUT AT SOURCE* «I do not feel guilty at all,» Kemerovo mall manager Nadezhda Suddenok said as she spoke to the press before her hearing in Kemerovo court on Wednesday. Sudennok insisted that there was no problem with the fire alarm, claiming there «was no malfunction on those checks that she attended personally.» «I do not want to be a victim, I do not want to be guilty of something I did not do,» she added. On Tuesday, the district court of Kemerovo started considering petitions for measures of restraint on the first of the four people involved in the case of the Kemerovo shopping centre fire, including technical director of the shopping centre George Sobolev. At least 64 people, including children, were killed in a fire which engulfed the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo on Sunday. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the fire escape routes were blocked inside the mall. An investigation into the cause behind the tragedy is underway. The source of the blaze was on the top floor, where several cinema halls and children's playgrounds with attractions were located.

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