Russia: 'I come as a guest' — Israeli Jew Ben Tzion explains Medina mosque visit

«So is it not an American passport?» «Maybe.» Russian-born Israeli Jew Ben Tzion said that he “paid a private visit as a guest” speaking of time spent in Saudi Arabia, during an interview in Moscow on Tuesday. Tzion is known for visiting holy sites across the Muslim world, including mosques in Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Tzion had posted photos on Monday of his visit to the... Еще Mosque of the Prophet in Medina — Islam’s second-holiest site, and prohibited for non-Muslims — prompting angry comments from some Muslim users and reportedly leading Instagram to suspend his account on Tuesday. Tzion also filmed scenes from both the interior and exterior of the famous mosque. He said his intention was never to promote strife, and that he was in Saudi Arabia to visit friends. He went on to say that he has three passports: a Russian one, an Israeli one and one more which he didn’t specify. He explained that he was “a curious person” who was not “trying to provoke anyone in any way.” Tzion’s key message, he stressed, is that “Arabs and Jews are brothers, they have the same father. Of course we have different traditions, different religions, but we pray for the same God.”

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