Russia: Hundreds of protesters decry persecution of Rohingya Muslims outside Myanmar embassy

Protester (Russian): «All Media are silent.» Hundreds of protesters rallied in solidarity with Rohingya Muslims outside of the Myanmar embassy in Moscow on Sunday. Protesters urged Myanmar's government to take immediate action over the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in the northwest of the country. «They are killing women and kids, burying them alive, tearing them apart whilst they are... Еще still alive, showing on film how they are torturing toddlers. Why is everyone keeping silent, don't you know what's happening?» said one protester. A heavy police presence monitored the demonstration. The resurfacing of violence in Myanmar is being blamed on last week's attack on the country's police force that left 12 officers dead. The Myanmar military claims to be targeting Rohingya militants in response, leading to widespread reports of wide scale killings, arson, looting and rape in Rohingya villages. The number of Rohingya Muslims crossing into Bangladesh since last week's eruption of violence in Rakhine state has reached 40,000, according to UN estimates.
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