Russia: Hundreds join unsanctioned rally in support of disqualified Moscow City Duma candidates

Protesters took it to the Moscow streets for an unauthorized march following a sanctioned rally at Sakharova Avenue on Saturday. According to the Interior Ministry, 136 protesters were detained during the unauthorized demonstration. The Russian capital’s authorities have given green light to hold two rallies in the Akademika Sakharova Avenue in central Moscow on the weekend. According to the... Еще Interior Ministry, 20000 people gathered at the square. After the sanctioned rally, some of the protesters moved to Kitai-Gorod metro station for an unauthorized demonstration. The Investigative Committee had previously warned against joining unauthorized marches following the sanctioned rally at the Sakharova Square as it violates the law and can lead to criminal liability. One of the opposition activists Lyubov Sobol was detained, because according to her lawyer, she “is a witness in the case of the organization of mass riots, and is detained to draw up a protocol.» Sobol had previously made a statement saying that “people have the right to walk around the city, and not just in a strictly defined space,” including on August 10, while she denied making any calls to join the unauthorized protest. In July, the Russian Central Election Commission turned down 57 candidates for the Moscow City Duma, claiming irregularities in their applications. Among the barred candidates were members of the opposition Ilya Yashin, Lyubov Sobol, Dmitry Gudkov and Ivan Zhdanov, who claimed the decision was political. The commission said the signatures were considered invalid due to “inconsistency of information in passport data, including addresses of residence, signatures of non-existent or even dead voters.” N/A


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