Russia: Hundreds demand closure of Yadrovo waste landfill

Up to 500 people gathered in Volokolamsk on Saturday to protest against overfilled rubbish landfills and demand the closure of the Yadrovo facility located near a residential area. Protesters with masks and banners protested the foul odour coming from the dump. One of the activists said that it is necessary to protest since one person can’t close the landfill. Ex-presidential candidate... Еще Ksenia Sobchak expressed her shock about the ‘way the authorities treat people’ and added that ‘we should solve this issue despite our political preferences.’ Head of the Moscow Region Governor’s Administration Mikhail Kuznetsov apologised for the landfill that has caused ‘so much trouble’ and added ‘we will do everything possible and impossible so that this odour will never be in your life.’ The Yadrovo landfill site in Volokolamsk released a wave of gas on 21 March, causing locals symptoms such as headache, stomach ache and nausea. Volokolamsk residents have been repeatedly calling for the plant’s closure due to the foul odour in the area that has caused allergic reactions and health issues to the locals.

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