Russia: Hundreds brave the elements to queue for new iPhone X in Moscow

SOT, Journalist (Russian): «What's the price now?» SOT, Stepan Kalinkin, queuer (Russian): «About 130,000 rubles.» SOT, Journalist (Russian): «So you are going to pay 130,000? SOT, Stepan Kalinkin, queuer (Russian): «No, in the shop it costs 92,000. I will buy it for 92,000, go out of the store, and I can re-sell it for 130,000. Some 500 eager buyers were seen queuing in anticipation of... Еще Apple's new iPhone X release in Moscow on Thursday, with some having set up their street camp since October 29 in anticipation of Friday's release. However not all of those queuing are eager tech-enthusiasts, with many instead looking to make a profit for their days of patience. Queuer Stepan Kalinkin explained, «one person can buy only two phones. People don't need two phones at the same time, so they buy the first for themselves, and the second — for re-selling.» The iPhone X is reportedly retailing at 92,000 roubles (€1,353; $1,578), but Stepan said he is seeking a resale of 130,000 roubles (€1,913; $2,230).

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