Russia: Human traffickers «will face tough measures» — Libya's GNA FM

Mohamed Taher Siala, Foreign Affairs Minister of Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA), said that international armed gangs are to be held accountable for an escalation of illegal migration, during an interview in Moscow on Thursday. Speaking at the sidelines of Moscow's Valdai Discussion Club, Siala said illegal migration was escalating in Libya due to the «long dimension of Libyan borders... Еще» and an «emerged security vacuum.» This would have caused an «emergence of strong armed gangs which deal with organised crime and illegal human trafficking.» Siala stressed that human trafficking is a «crime» according to Libya's legal system, and that the Libyan Prosecutor General had launched a probe into the issue, adding that anyone whose guilt is proven «will incur a respective punishment and will face tough measures. The results of this investigation will be announced with absolute transparency and will be made public to the international community as well.» Answering a question on the prospects of Libya's army unifying, the Minister said that a united army would bring Libya «closer to a political settlement.» Siala then lauded the US for assisting Libya in the fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), before adding that the US had «a central role in the discovery of the oil and gas fields in Libya.» A recent visit paid by the Libyan delegation to the US was deemed «successful.» Last month a slave-auction market of sub-Saharan African refugees in Libya was brought to light, causing outrage over Libya's management of the crisis.

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