Russia: 'Hot heads will cool down' — Lavrov questions US foreign policy

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov questioned the US' foreign policy in regards to Afghanistan as well as Russia-US relations in the context of Syria, during a press conference with Cambodian Minister of Foreign Affairs Prak Sokhon, in Moscow, Thursday. Lavrov described US President Donald Trump's recent decision to extend US military presence in Afghanistan as going down an «unpromising... Еще path». The Trump administration is yet to provide details on how long the military operation will be extended for. In regards to accusations from the US State Department in a recent conference that Russia had been supporting the Taliban and providing it with arms, Lavrov denied the claim, stating that there was «not a single fact provided, neither was there a single fact confirming the statement about our interference in the American elections, about hacking sites with state support and so on.» The Russian foreign minister expressed willingness to communicate with the US on matters regarding Syria, saying in reference to the US government «we expect that the hot heads will cool down and all they will come to their senses.»
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