Russia: Help meow-t! Monica the cat adopts lynx cub at Chudesny Zoo

Monika the cat adopted a little baby lynx after the cub's own mother couldn't feed her, in cute scenes filmed at Chudesny Zoo near the town of Ussuriysk in the Primorsky region on Wednesday. «We started to feed her [the lynx] with a milk formula, but she spitted that out. Considering that Monika [the cat] gave birth to her kittens just two days before the lynx was born, we decided to lay the... Еще cub down with the cat,» zoo veterinarian Alena Shepeleva told. According to Shepeleva, Monika instantly accepted the cub and started to nurse it along with her own litter. The cub is now eating and will eventually outgrow her foster mother.

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