Russia: 'He shot point-blank at her' — eyewitness recounts Kizlyar church shooting

An eyewitness recounted the moment a gunman shot victims at point-blank range at Kizlyar church in Dagestan, Sunday. The assailant was described as having “a beard, a gun, trousers, a hat on his head, [and being] thin”, by one man who witnessed firsthand the fatal shooting. He explained how the shot people at “point-blank” range before climbing away up the stairs of the church. According... Еще to a doctor of the Kizlyar hospital, two women are in a grave condition and two policemen are now receiving medical care. The shooter, reportedly known as Khalilov Khalil Omarovich, opened fire at a church entrance in Kizlyar with a shot-gun on Sunday, claiming the lives of five women and injuring four more people. He was later killed by police.

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