Russia: Grief-stricken aunt unfolds how her 3-year-old nephew ended up in the hands of IS *EXCLUSIVE*

Khadizhad Magomedova shared in detail how her 3-year-old nephew Ali Magomedov ended up in territory under the control of self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) in Iraq, speaking to RT in an exclusive interview filmed in Khasavyurt, Thursday. Two years ago, Khadizhad's sister, Patimat Magomedova, and her husband took their children to Istanbul under the pretext of relocating to... Еще Moscow for work. «Then they disappeared altogether for three or four months without any communication and we understood that they had joined IS. We couldn't do anything, they had stopped communicating altogether,» Khadizhad said. Months later, when Patimat made contact, Khadizhad learnt that her brother-in-law was killed soon after entering Iraq, leaving Patimat alone with three young boys. «We asked her if she could somehow make it across the border and we thought that we could go and get her out of there and bring her home. She said she had no documents for herself or for her children and can't come back,» Khadizhad said. The last time Khadizhad heard from her sister was from Mosul in January. She has seen pictures of her nephew on social media, but the fate of the other two young boys is unknown. There are reportedly five Russian-speaking children in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq. Their parents had taken them from Russia and the CIS when they joined the Islamic State terrorist group. Restrictions: MANDATORY RT LOGO
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