Russia: Grandmother scoops $8 million from discarded lotto ticket

SOT, Journalist (Russian): «In our country or abroad?» SOT, Natalia Vlasova, lottery winner (Russian): «Oh, no. Not abroad, of course. I am not healthy enough to travel a long way.» Natalia Vlasova, a 63-year old retiree from the Voronezh region in south eastern Russia, won the country’s biggest lottery jackpot of $8 million (€6.8 million) from a ticket her granddaughter said did not win... Еще. In an interview on Monday, Vlasova said that her granddaughter- incorrectly — told her that she had not won. It was only after her husband heard that the winner of the Stoloto windfall had not come forward that she was prompted to check her ticket again. Vlasova used to supplement her income from the state pension by cooking burgers. Asked what she plans to do with prize money, Vlasova answered that she would like to give some to charity and go on holiday in Russia’s south.

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