Russia: Graffiti art gallery for the blind unveiled in Yekaterinburg

A brail ‘graffiti gallery’ dedicated to visually impaired stars including musician Ray Charles, athlete Marle Runyan and programmer Mikhail Pozhidaev, was unveiled in Yekaterinburg on Saturday. Visitors could walk along the wall and run their fingers along the braille code to read the dedications to renowned individuals. An artist and author behind the initiative Andrei Kolokolov explained... Еще that the graffiti gallery serves to create artwork “that can be read only in cooperation with blind people.” Kolokolov added, “if we look at this picture now, we can see a picture only. If blind people come closer and touch it, they will read text only. When we are talking and hang out altogether they can tell us what the text is about and we can describe what picture we see. So it seemed to be a really good idea that could unite people.»

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