Russia: 'Government should not creep into our heads, souls and beds' — Sobchak

Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak presented her electoral programme dubbed '123 Difficult Steps' at the Citizens’ Initiative political party convention in Moscow, Saturday. During her speech, she emphasised the importance of personal freedoms, and reform within Russia's systems. She said, «Freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and thought are the main... Еще achievements of mankind,» and also declared, «The government should not creep into our heads, our souls and into our beds.» Referring to her earlier verbal exchange with Vladimir Putin during his annual press conference on December 14, Sobchak stated, «This, among other things, is my response to Vladimir Putin about the fact that the democratic forces do not have positive programmes. There is a programme, but most important thing is to fulfil it.» «It's a programme where every step needs to be taken together by all of us. Since this is a very difficult path, the program is called '123 Difficult Steps,» she explained encouraging her supporters to give feedback on the programme's proposals. Presenting the programme, Sobchak directed a Eurocentric viewpoint to her policies. «Geographically, historically and culturally Russia is a part of Europe. And we have no other way than the European one,» she claimed. «The government should not creep into our heads, souls and into our beds,» continued Sobchak adding, «Opposition rallies, atheist demonstrations, carnivals and gay prides should be allowed [in Russia]. If church marriages are allowed, civil LGBT alliances should be allowed as well.» Sobchak also announced that she will be a leading contender of the Citizens’ initiative party's presidential nomination. Russian presidential elections are set to take place on 18 March 2018.


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