Russia: Girls rescued from Baghdad orphanage reunited with grandparents for New Year

SOT, Fatima (Russian): “Oops, it's spoiled.” SOT, Khadija (Russian): “I will push it in right now.” SOT, Fatima (Russian): «[There are] a dog [over there].» SOT, Khadija(Russian): «No, there is no a dog over there.» SOT, Khadija (Russian): «No, adults were not carrying. We were carrying.» SOT, Anvar, grandfather of Khadija and Fatima (Russian): «Did you carry water or did adults?» SOT... Еще, Khadija (Russian): «We did.» SOT, Anvar, grandfather of Khadija and Fatima (Russian): «For whom did you carry water? To drink? For adults?» SOT, Khadija (Russian): «Yes. Adults couldn’t go there because “cafri” [girl’s word] could kill them. That is why we went to take water.» Five-year-old Khadija and her three-year-old sister Fatima, who were rescued from a Baghdad orphanage, prepared to celebrate New Years’ at home with their grandparents in the Russian city of Khasavyurt, on Saturday. The two girls bounded about the house, dressed a Christmas palm tree and played with their grandfather, Anvar, and grandmother, Khumsiat, who they were reunited with only months before. The girls’ grandfather refused to describe memories of the girls’ life in Iraq on television, simply saying, «So many lost children are over there. It is horrible.» The parents Khadija and Fatima reportedly left for Turkey two years ago taking their children with them. Khadija and Fatima were then reportedly left in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq, while their parents went to fight for the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Mosul.

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