Russia: 'Garbage Island' emerges in Barnaul as heavy litter clogs river

Garbage has blocked the stream of Pivovarka river in Barnaul, Altai Krai, turning it into a strip filled with litter, most of which appeared to be bottles, footage filmed on Tuesday shows. According to locals, such clogging happens every year and the pollution is so severe that the water cannot be seen through the layer of garbage. Alexandra Maloletkova, a Barnaul resident who posted the... Еще photo of the river online, said that the river is full of litter no matter how often it's being cleaned. «I suppose when the river spilled over some garbage was washed away from the shore, some garbage could have been thrown by people, some trash floated from rubbish dumps,» added Alexandra. Locals call the river 'A bottle island' or 'A bottle river' and are now discussing the possibilities of how to clean the stream.

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