Russia: FSB detains Ukrainian agent trying to cut power lines in Crimea

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on Tuesday that they had detained a Ukrainian citizen who was caught attempting to destroy power lines and other infrastructure in Crimea. The suspect, Gennadii Limeshko, is a former Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) agent and was an officer in Kiev's so-called 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' in eastern Ukraine, according to an FSB statement. In... Еще response to questioning filmed during Limeshko's apprehension on August 12, the Kharkiv native said he had been sent to Crimea to destroy power lines between Sudak — Novy Svet. He was also allegedly told to start forest fires in the region and cause a rock collapse in order to block the Sudak-Novy Svet road. Limeshko was detained on August 12 when he was allegedly caught trying to damage wiring between the two Crimean settlements. He was found with TNT, a grenade, and a saw which he apparently used to cut into wooden power line poles.
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