Russia: From electricity to the World Wide Web — this Russian granny keeps up to date!

A 101-year old Russian war veteran named Nadezhda Myagkikh, also known as the 'Grandma-Hacker', has left knitting for the nerds and joined the ranks of the internet community, as footage captured in Bryansk on Wednesday shows. Nadezhda was born in 1916 and raised in the turmoil of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the First World War. During the Second World War she lost her husband and was left... Еще alone to raise her children. Yet her spirit is unbroken — she still jokes about her age and eyesight: «I have only one eye, and it's artificial one. The second one doesn't see anything at all.» She moved to a nursing house in Bratsk to avoid troubling her children and there she found a place where her curiosity could find an escape; she taught herself the «Internet science» as she calls it, and surfs online as any other young person does. Movies, skyping, music are just a few of her online activities. Looking back to some of her earliest memories she says «The electricity appeared in my time. I have it in my memory: how my grandmother turned off the light for me.» Her natural curiosity made her wonder about the internet but finding a way to self-educate wasn't easy «My granddaughter didn't let me use the computer, didn't trust me.» The internet is a valuable source of knowledge for her. «The internet gives me everything» she says, adding «it answers everything, tells me everything immediately. I appreciate the internet.»

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